Papoutsis Mansion Mouresi

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Papoutsi's mansion Mouresi

it is found in the square of village Mouresi.It's about three separate traditional lodgings, that the householder renovated, and is constituted with seven luxurious suites offering comfort luxury, relaxation and splendid view, all year long... Thalia will welcome you and her sociability will make you feel so much comfortably like being home. Papoutsi's family... affiliated with tourism.

Since 1923 the previous generations of family transported visitors of Eastern Pilion in Tsagarada, Ai-Yannis, and the rest regions. Later Apostolis Papoutsis opened and maintained for years his own restaurant-barbecue in Mouresi, that old visitors still remember, while the last thirty years he deals with his flower garden.

Therefore the family, for almost one century, finds itself near with persons that visit and love Pilion. Todays, with the mansion that made with taste, the family hopes to give its visitors the pleasure to live in the beauty of a village and in the comfort of current season.

In the disposal of visitors it is also the ranch of family, 50 roughly acres, for walks, acquaintance with the nature, and rest.

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Internet Free Wi-fi διατίθεται σε ολόκληρο το κτίριο, Free Wi-Fi διατίθεται σε όλα τα δωμάτια


Mourésion, Aegean Sea View
Central Square


Pelion Villages and beaches are magnificent



As the summer nights fall, the smell of jasmines, gardenias and primroses mix up, and visitors who love nature will find the place to be.


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Ο «Μουτζούρης», όπως λεγόταν κάποτε το τρενάκι του Πηλίου, για να δηλώσει την ατµοκίνηση και τον καπνό που άφηνε στο πέρασµά του, είναι ένα τρένο-τουριστικό αξιοθέατο των χωριών του Πηλίου.






Zagorin - Agricultural Cooperative

Ζαγοριν - Αγροτικός Συνεταιρισμός Ζαγοράς Πηλίου

 The Agricultural Cooperative is one of the oldest co-operatives, since it was established in 1916 by 199 people of Zagora of Magnesia. In 1985, the cooperative enters a new phase of action of organised commercial enterprise. The brand is enshrined and every authentic Zagorin apple bears the sticker which makes it stand out.