Chorefto Churches Chapels

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Chorefto Churches Chapels

For lovers of Religious Tourism in our area you can visit churches, chapels and old ruined monasteries. During the Summer, the chapels wear their festive clothes and celebrate their folk festivals. The temples are built in the style of a three-aisled basilica - built of stone and covered with slabs. The iconostasis of the churches are wood carved and several of the temples are hagiographed.

Most temples are surrounded by the lush greenery of the Cypress and Platanias. In addition to the photos presented for the historical monuments of our place and where they are located if you intend to visit them during your stay at Chorefto Camp in hotels, hostels, mansions and why not in rented houses. Remarkable is the abandoned monastery of the Holy Brigadiers located at a distance of 2 km. about from Chorefto. (There is also a path)

Going again to Horefto, six hundred meters after "Agios Panteleimon", we will see towards the SE the dark green silhouettes of many cypress trees and among them a white building. There is the monastery of the Holy Brigadiers or "Ai - Taxiarchis", in the usual local name. To visit it, we will follow a downhill rural highway, which first passes through the "Big River" and continues to the monastery.

The whole distance does not exceed a kilometer. Arriving there and seeing the remnants of the walls, on the right, and the piece of crippled cells, on the left, we shape the image of a large and once prosperous monastery. In the center of the building is the Catholic Church, which stands upright - for how long? and testifies to the past greatness of this place.


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