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Pouri is located on the northeastern side of Pelion, at the end of the carriage road and 50 km from Volos. The road first passes through Zagora, continues north and ends at 6km in Puri. It is paved and engraved on the line of the old cobbled street, which connected the two villages. It passes between estates with apple trees and places with wild vegetation. In the middle of the route is the torrent ‘Summer’, which in the heavy rains is rushing down many waters, which in the past have several times swept away the bridge and caused serious damage. To the west of the bridge, at the site of ‘Megalovrachos’, the water falls rapidly from a height of more than one hundred meters, forming a spectacular waterfall during the winter months, the largest in Pelion. Eleftherios Venizelos, when he came on horseback at the beginning of April 1912, accompanied by the mayor of Zagora Ioannis Kassavetis and many officials, was very fascinated by the rare beauty of the landscape and said these words: ».  


Pouri, Aegean Sea View


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