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Mt Pelion overlooks the Aegean Sea and the Gulf of Pagasitikos.

It is characterized as Ylyen by Isiodos which means "dense" and a mountain "with quivering foliage" by Homer. 

Mt Pelion is the ultimate destination for creating lasting memories on our blue-crystal beaches and in the vast forest.

Hotels, Guesthouses, Rooms to let, villas and houses to rent are available for your own comfort so as to experience the very best in Pelion.

Pelion all year round


Winter in Pelion comes strong and frozen to create eerie and distant moments. Landscapes dressed in white with wild whites dominating the mountainous massif, thin and bare playing with the clouds and the playful rays of the sun.

For the less adventurous, the warmth of the fireplace with the wood in the fire crackling as it smolders...creates moments of relaxation and carefreeness for the good friends who enjoy the Pelioretian air drinking a glass of wine around the fire watching the chestnuts simmer. Music, readings and hot drinks will accompany the visitors of the Mountain.

Summer in Pelion

is an aroma of oregano, herbs, and thymes. As the summer nights fall, the smell of jasmines, gardenias and primroses mix up and visitors who just love nature will find the place to be.

Each region in Pelion either by the sea or the mountain offers cultural and religious festivals.....The traditional folk festivals are Pelion's highlights throughout the summertime in the heart of the central squares under the great shelter of the ancient plane trees that surround the Pelion region. Live concerts also take place under the starry nights or with a summer full moon lighting up the sky.

Alternative summer activities are offered on Pelion beaches, making it the ultimate destination for those who seek out not just a package holiday but also a true holiday experience on Mt Pelion. 

  • Some of the sea activities are:
  • Boat Taxi (sea tour)
  • Scuba diving 
  • Canyoning
  • Sea Kayak
  • Pedal boat

For those who dare to be bold and explore the sights of Pelion a variety of mountain sports are:

  • Trekking and Hiking
  • Shooting
  • Joking
  • Horse Riding
  • Archery
  • Climb
  • Climbing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Mountain Running
  • Yoga
  • Flying Fox

Pelion's diverse ecosystem with its pebbly beaches and its fine white sand make up an earthly paradise.

The infinite blue of the Aegean Sea changes into colours of turquoise and crystal blue clear waters that keenly embrace the lily-white majestic rocks. 

Accommodation in Pelion includes an excellent variety of Hotels, Traditional Guesthouses, Villas and Houses to Rent.

Autumn in Pelion

A great interactive painting where the scenery alternates in various colours from the dark green to cinnabar ones that end up to yellows. The deciduous trees stand bear as the last summer breeze gets stronger. Keen walkers will live up the autumn period as the summer gets away and the temperatures are getting milder. Some others still prefer alternating fr walking with swimming as another recreational past time for the body and the mind. For those who still love swimming in wintertime, the sea is ideal till the end of December. The bold ones try it out even in January...

Autumn in Pelion also offers a unique experience of gathering the well known Zagorin Apples till the mid of October. Pelion terra has also to offer you an even greater variety of nuts and fruit such as the delicious chestnuts, kiwis, grapes and Firiki Piliou.

Springtime in Pelion 

This  Spring has found us all unprepared or uninterested-

as it is getting closer and closer,

reluctantly step by step it comes bewildered, 

standing quietly under its few tress

Spring does not ever ask. Yiannis Ristos


Springtime on Mountain Pelion appears spontaneously.

The lush leafy forest blossoms every single moment till it reaches a climax of a colourway.

An interactive painting that interacts with the Aegean blue sea and the mighty Mountainous.

The villager's yards are ablaze with vivid colours of gardenias, camellias and hydrangeas.

As the peak season sets off the entrepreneurs are here to host you and welcome you heartily.

 For the keen walkers, April time to October time appears to be just the perfect period for tourists or wanders who will explore every secret corner on Mt Pelion and walk on every single kalderimi. The famous Kalderimia or just Kalderimi refers to a network of stone-paved paths. The weather is mild and thus it is ideal for every long or short walking route that can really recreate your body, your mind and your soul.

Swallows are the first visitors to welcome Spring and find Mt Pelion at its best as the greenery scene has fully blossomed up and the blue sea lies calm and warm. The gardens are offering colourful plants fully aromatic so as the little bees can rest and play around. The apple, pear and the cherry trees have blossomed up so as the birds and the bugs can wander around them playing and enjoying one of the most rejuvenating seasons of the year.  

Winter time in Pelion



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