The village is situated on the northern slope of a long ridge at the foot of which there is a long and deep ravine. According to local lore and traditions, at the lower part of the village there used to be Achillion, an ancient town founded by Achilles himself back in the 12th century B.C.. Anilio is surrounded by many apple and chestnut orchards; it is right above two lovely beaches, Banikas and Plaka, which are well known for their lush surroundings and crystal clear waters. Near Banikas Beach there is a large cave into which, according to the local myths, Chiron the Centaur, the legendary teacher of Hercules, Achilles, Jason and all the great heroes of the Greek mythology used to rest. At the central square the tourist can visit the beautiful church of Agios Athanasios, which is famous for its engraved, Baroque, wooden iconostasis. Worthy of note is also the fact that in the area thrived several monasteries in the Byzantine and post-Byzantine times. Anilio also has sufficient availability of cozy accommodation and good services. A visit to the Anilio Women’s Agricultural Cooperative will prove a quite delicious surprise because the ladies there specialize in the making of home-made sweets of the spoon, jams and marmalades as well as local drinks, all of which make for great gifts for those people our visitors left behind to take care of their pets and water the gardens. Anilio is the last village of the Municipality of Mouresi for the traveler who will follow the southeastern route via Milies and Tsagarada. It is also the northern entry point for those who will take the north route that climbs the mountain and passes through Hania, a hamlet that straddles Mount Pelion at an altitude of 1200 meters.


Anilio, Aegean Sea View


Pelion Villages and beaches are magnificent



As the summer nights fall, the smell of jasmines, gardenias and primroses mix up, and visitors who love nature will find the place to be.


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Agios Ioannis




Ο «Μουτζούρης», όπως λεγόταν κάποτε το τρενάκι του Πηλίου, για να δηλώσει την ατµοκίνηση και τον καπνό που άφηνε στο πέρασµά του, είναι ένα τρένο-τουριστικό αξιοθέατο των χωριών του Πηλίου.






Zagorin - Agricultural Cooperative

Ζαγοριν - Αγροτικός Συνεταιρισμός Ζαγοράς Πηλίου

 The Agricultural Cooperative is one of the oldest co-operatives, since it was established in 1916 by 199 people of Zagora of Magnesia. In 1985, the cooperative enters a new phase of action of organised commercial enterprise. The brand is enshrined and every authentic Zagorin apple bears the sticker which makes it stand out.