In eastern Pelion and at a distance of 3 km from the potpourri is the secluded beach of Elitsas. The small beach area is let in its wild natural Beauty. Without tourist infrastructures and further exploits, the elite is but a retreat for its visitors. The beach is rocky and surrounded by lush greenery, while its waters are crystal clear.

The large rocks on the surface of the sea and the seabed give an imposing style, which is accentuated as the wave bursts on them. After your swim you can visit the chapel of Agii Pantes and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea from the Courtyard. The beach is an ideal place for snorkeling and free camping.

Access to the elite is either by car or by hiking from the neighboring beaches of Analipsi or Ovrios. The road is a bit steep, but the view that the landscape offers, descending, takes you and travels you.


Elitsa, Alternative Aegean Sea Beaches


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