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Five different versions exist for the name of this small village.

When John Kordatou, the village took its name from the Slavic word "staia" meaning Station. The village, namely, was a resting its territorial Pelion Volos bob.

The contrast-Skouvaras- supports the origin of the place name from the first settler who called Stai or Staias.

There is the production version of the placename from the Slavic word "Treasurer" (feeder animals).

Stagiates is an evolution of the expression "holy f" (we go), due to the existence of many monasteries in the area. This is the weakest, in our opinion, version.

The village got its name from the Byzantine name of Kalambaka "drop". (There are always traditional relations with the residents of western Thessaly).

Brief Chronology:

The Stagiates were, during the period of Turkish rule, one of the neighborhoods of Makrinitsas. Was classified, by letter of Sultan Mehmed II, as the "foundation" and was dedicated to the foundation Hadji Ahmet Aga.

In Revolution 1821 showed fighters, as Nicholas Kapsalis, along with his three brothers and "other's closest relatives", as reported by Vassos Mavrovouniotis.

The Rimatisidis considers the villagers "intelligent, lively and cheerful people but not having to have as shall have, anatrofin ".

Georgiadis, it 1880, writing about the occupations of residents, indicate the estates and industrial cotton fabrics. Indeed, the edge of the village, there was a large plant cotton fabrics which work more than 60 workers, some of the surrounding villages.

For this reason, operating, from lush-in Namata- streams, many ntristelles (large wooden channels bleached fabrics).

In the late 19th century, begins in the village and the traditional production of sausage. The production of this delicious tidbit peaked by mid-20th century, so that stagiatiotika sausages become famous throughout Greece.

Around 1900 Filippidis refers, ia, and "resistivity (of stagiatioton) their church, in the neighborhood of uncritically ".

Indeed, Ai Thanasis built in 1753. Must, however, The original church have been destroyed as, plaque fitted, stated that "exananeothi 1883". O church collapsed during the earthquakes in 1955 and rebuilt in 1962 with the help of ERT.

It 1912 the Stagiates an independent community and

20century is a small picturesque village. Any visitor traffic related-mostly- the pilgrimage to the new and the old monastery of the Annunciation. Also, many visitors 'honor' and the net, delicious and light water . In the square there by plane trees fountain with ancient Arabic( The Turkish) inscription.

The period 1999-2011, the Stagiates are municipal district of Portaria.


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